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Fio was designed to support a global pandemic response


Pandemic recovery requires definitive, daily testing to determine who is well.


We enable and optimize controlled, community-based COVID-19 testing, triage, and real-time tracking.


Fionet is a turnkey, mobile, data-and-device platform that has had proven, positive-impact on more than one million patients with infectious diseases in over 12 countries.

We can help you rapidly scale your pandemic intelligence requirements through a networked deployment of point-of-care devices and centralized data services.


"[Fionet] Proved to be an essential tool for both performing RDT [rapid diagnostic tests] in the field and for monitoring biothreats from remote locations."

- U.S. Department of Defense


Rapid data. Rapid response.

Fionet is a proven, data-and-device platform for pandemic response

Controlled, community-based COVID-19 testing requires integrated technology for rapid, secure, and coordinated data management. 


Fionet connects

what front-line health workers do

to what healthcare leaders decide.

Frontline Health Workers

Realize expert-level testing and case management with geo-tagged data distributed instantly.

Remote Supervisors

Monitor and adjust front-line resources in real-time.

Public Health Officials

Manage response and decisions precisely and promptly.

Business Leaders

Ensure the health and safety of your employees and customers.


"Getting an economic restart right will overwhelmingly rely on testing, contact tracing and sharing data; critical tasks that can be hindered by a lack of consistency in testing protocols."

- Financial Post, April 23, 2020


Data-Device Platform


The Fionet platform combines point-of-care, handheld devices connected to online, AI-powered data services. Our technology enables off-site health supervisors to see and adjust front-line healthcare activity and needs. 


Flexible and customizable, Fionet compliments your existing health data ecosystem.


Mobile Testing & Triage

  • Rugged, mobile RDT reader improves diagnostic quality and testing accuracy

  • Triage procedures and care protocols can be updated remotely

  • Compatible with third-party diagnostic tests, devices and laboratory instruments


Online Portal

  • Provide managers with oversight of protocol adherence

  • Intervention planning with real-time, anonymous epidemiological data

  • Track and evaluate resource allocation and efficiency


Integrated Cloud Services

  • Device connectivity even in areas with poor connectivity

  • Seamless data exchange with 3rd party health databases and e-health records

  • Secure, encrypted storage of private health data

Data-Device Platform



For each dollar invested in Fio's data-device platform,...




... five dollars are saved in new operating efficiencies.


Fionet is economically sustainable


Fio Corporation is committed to pandemic testing procedures and data services that are affordable and achieve human and resource efficiencies. Through an economic analysis it was determined that for every $1 spent on Fionet, $5 is saved through the reduction of diagnostic inaccuracies and improved compliance with care protocols. 


Depending on patient throughput,

Fionet and all of its services can cost less than $0.10 per patient.


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With support from the Fionet system, NHLS was able to: “reduce diagnostic errors; [guide] healthcare workers through correct testing and clinical procedures; monitor performance; capture data; and support supply chain management."


- South African National Health Laboratory Services




Reduced testing errors by front-line health workers


Reduced per-patient cost of care


Increased compliance to care protocols


Increased logistical efficiencies












Data points




diagnostic concordance with lab technicians


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map w points-01.png

Global Footprint


"The positive impact of Fionet into our malaria program has been transformational. The consensus is it will be pivotal to support the Malaria Elimination Project. The population benefiting surpasses 36 million."


- Minister of Health, Ethiopia


Our Clients


Fio operates globally in partnership with local distribution, service, and support organizations. Our clients have included for-profit businesses, governments and charitable foundations including:


We have also worked with various other organizations including:

  • US Department of Defense

  • Ministry of Health, Columbia

  • Apollo Health

  • US Naval Research Laboratory

       ... and many more.​

Congo VFuVqv3H_400x400.jpg

Ministry of Health of Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)


Of South Africa

Our Clients

About Us


Fio Corporation is a global, medtech leader at the confluence of key forces reshaping healthcare: decentralization of care; mobile smart technology; big data aggregation; artificial intelligence; and predictive analytics.



Michael Greenberg.jpg

Michael Greenberg, MD

   Chairman & CEO


Shlomit 2 copy.jpg

Shlomit Dekel

   Chief Growth Officer


About Us

"To protect citizens, our governments are leading a massive shift to diagnostic testing in community settings. This clinical data needs to reach public health managers fast. Fio’s proven cloud-platform couples frontline triage with tracking, including full geo-tagged results in real-time. This link is critical to manage COVID-19 and future pandemics."


- Michael Greenberg, CEO Fio


Above:  In 2014, Dr. Greenberg shared Fio's founding vision for a transformative, community-based healthcare solution, which Fio has realized and commercialized: Mobile technology to upscale frontline diagnosis and treatment integrated with data services to enhance remote tracking and supervision.

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